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softsyst is a small company in Frankfurt on the Main in Germany. Our working principle is to be able to react very flexibly to the wishes of our clients. As a result, we do not maintain a staff of employees, but form ad-hoc teams according to the requirements of the projects we are running. Our specialised know-how and experience are our assets.

After 15 years being located at the Lake of Constance in the very South of Germany, softsyst moved to Frankfurt.

Clem Schmidt as the head of the company has a long history in the software industry, as a manager as well as an implementer and reverser. He owns a PhD in Physics from Max-Planck-Institut for Solid State Research in Stuttgart. He founded softsyst in 1999 after having worked as a developer and manager in large telecom projects with Siemens and Nixdorf Computer, both in Munich, as well as several years as the software lead and project manager in a Swiss defense company. Besides running softsyst, he is an enthusiastic pilot.

Picture: Toni Schmidt

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